Corporate Advisory

We provide corporate advice and guidance to a wide range of companies and individuals. Our team’s financial, analytical and management skills allow us to assist our clients in achieving their corporate strategies and objectives.

We provide advice to Australian and international corporate groups on:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Advice
  • Management of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Secondary Public Offerings (Entitlement Issues and Placements)
  • Underwriting Advice and Coordination with Underwriters
  • Investor Relations

Mergers and Acquisitions

BG Capital provides advice on the acquisition or sale of businesses and corporate entities. We conduct analysis and due diligence of acquisition targets, advice on pricing parameters, tactical initiatives and liaise with legal and accounting advisors. In the case of advising on behalf of vendors we conduct similar analysis and commercial valuations of the business or entity and liaison with legal and accounting advisors. In both cases we work closely with the client during the negotiation process to execute the client’s objectives.

Strategic Advice

BG Capital provides advice in the areas of market positioning, management structure and board composition, strategic growth parameters to enhance shareholder benefits.

We also have the expertise to focus and analyse operational and strategic issues in our clients' business, to find effective, pragmatic solutions – whether directly related to Funds Management; Equity and Debt; or simply just sound advice based on our management experience.

Management of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Secondary Public Offerings

BG Capital undertakes the overall management of an IPO or capital raising (including entitlement issues and placements), which involves independent advice regarding structure and pricing of the offer, management of the due diligence process and arranging underwriting of the offer. A key role undertaken is the selection of a stockbroker as underwriter and/or broker to an offer of securities.

Underwriting Advice

BG Capital advises clients on the desirability and structure of underwriting a capital raising and the commercial aspects of an Underwriting Agreement and we work closely with the clients’ legal advisors. Most importantly we assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate Underwriter for your Company needs.

Investor Relations

BG Capital advises on the crucial aspects of relations with shareholders, potential shareholders and the financial services industry participants in general. Continuous disclosure requirements are obligatory, as enshrined in the Corporations Law and ASX Listing Rules.

Many corporate entities take the minimalist approach to public information regarding the operation of the company. BG Capital advises its clients on the strategic optimisation of the investment value of their company, whether listed or unlisted, by enhancing the communication with the investment community.

Our Industry Knowledge

Generally many corporate issues facing individuals and corporate entities are common across all sectors.

However each sector has its particular peculiarities. BG Capital specialises in the following areas:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Estate
  • Health Care
  • Biotechnology
  • Telecommunications
  • Recruitment
  • Film Entertainment
  • Funds Management

Real Estate Capital Markets

We provide advice and guidance to a range of individuals, listed and unlisted property companies and funds. Our team’s experience in the real estate sector encompasses development, investment, management and property funds management. These skills position us to provide our clients superior advice in the following areas:

  • Equity Arrangement
  • Debt Arrangement
  • Joint Venture partnerships
  • Identifying Investment opportunities

Equity Arrangement

BG Capital advises on capital management issues and undertakes the overall management of equity raising and to fund individual property development projects as well as providing equity injections for listed, unlisted real estate funds and companies.

Debt Arrangement

BG Capital advises on debt management issues including the structuring and sourcing of debt and management of debt covenants. BG Capital is able to arrange debt-financing facilities with financial institutions, subject to normal debt provider’s covenants.

Joint Venture partnerships

BG Capital undertakes the overall management of forming a joint venture, which involves independent advice regarding structure, management of the due diligence process and selection of a suitable joint venture partner. BG Capital works closely with the client and prospective joint venture partners to ensure their respective objectives are achieved.

Identifying Investment opportunities

BG Capital undertakes the role of assessing investment opportunities and identifying investment-grade property assets and developments that suit the investment criteria set out by our clients. Clients include both listed and unlisted companies and funds.